Michael Nepomich was born in Kishinev, Moldova in March of 1984.   As a young boy growing up in the former Soviet Union, Michael was immersed in various traditional, culturally specific, forms of art that greatly influenced his artistic development. He enthusiastically read provocative Russian folk tales, perused heavily illustrated encyclopedias, and collected minimalistic brightly colored stamps.  Michael began drawing and painting around the age of five.  He faced a drastic change in environment when his family moved from Moldova to the US at the age of seven, and spent his formative years engrossed by a consumerism driven culture, learning the importance of fitting in and the true definition of assimilation.  Consequently fusing influences from two disparate cultures he became conscientious of the complexity inherent in the differences of accepted wisdom.  This predisposition, along with analytical influences of his family’s engineering and scientific background, influence his paintings, drawings and mixed media projects.

Michael received his BFA in Painting, January 2007 from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, NJ and his Post Baccalaureate Certificate from Maryland Institute College of
Art in 2011.  He has exhibited his paintings in solo and group exhibitions at galleries in Trenton, Princeton and the Museum of Contemporary Russian Art, Jersey City, NJ.


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